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Amazing Life Vessel Stress Reducing Technology

A Ritual for the Autumn Equinox

The LifeVessel Machine for all of usToday I went to the Life Vessel

I finally got to check out the older technology called the life vessel, it was first introduced to me by Gail Lynn of the Life Center and she now has a new better technology and I’ve done it many times. But it’s amazing to see where things have sprung up from. This first tech is from a guy named Barry McNew and I heard from a few sources he is not to be trusted in business. The guy may have figured this technology out, but it seems it doesn’t work on help people with their business morals.

But, that’s besides the point, what is the life vessel?

It’s a device that you lay in kind of like a coffin and you listen to music and there is a light in above you that’s rainbow colored and it has a hexagonal light mirror that goes around it. The first time I really understood this I walked into a friends session (after they were done) and I smelled heavy metals in the air. I knew it did something and ever since I’ve been totally obsessed by this healing light and sound machine.

Check out Gail Lynn’s YouTube video here about Life Vessel tech.

If you want to learn more I suggest visiting her website at Life Vessel of the Rockies.